Maple Staple is a refreshing beverage designed to bring comfort to your outdoors experience! Made with campers or even glampers in mind. Maple Staple consists of maple, apple cider, and tea to give a natural boost of energy. This refreshing, yet fueling drink is designed to be enjoyed while sitting curled up by a campfire, or lakeside while admiring the wilderness. 
This non-alcoholic drink was made for nature by nature, but would pair well with stronger beverages of enjoyment. Maple Staple is the ultimate pairing for an enjoyable outdoors experience. 
For this package design, we were tasked with the design of it all. From the choice of the brand name to the ingredients. I truly enjoyed this project and what it had to offer and what I learned in terms of building Nutrition Facts to learning about the trial and error process of having a product like this physically made. I am so grateful to see Maple Staple come to life on a real can! Thanks to Craft Beverage Warehouse out of Milwaukee, Maple Staple came to life!
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